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Samantha Moller-Bowden, photographer based in Aberdeen and London



Born Australia. 

Educated Australia & Europe.

Resides Aberdeen, Scotland.

Based Scotland & London.

Hi, I'm Samantha but most people call me Sam. I am a professional photographer with experience in commercial, editorial and commissions. I specialise in urban, street photography. 


I was born in Australia however the UK has been ‘home’ for many, many years. I was introduced to photography at a very young age. I seldom venture anywhere without my camera, always ready to capture a moment or a scene. Although I have been a professional photographer for a few years now, everyday I am still discovering something new. That’s what is so addictive about being a photographer, lighting and mood can change in a split second, an expression on a face, a moment and a story played out through the lens. I feel privileged to enjoy what I do and capture a brief moment of ’time’ through my eyes and perspective. 


My studio is the great world we have on our doorstep.

My work covers areas of urban, rural, commercial, property, food and wildlife. A day without my camera by my side is a day of lost opportunity. 


Aberdeen Art Gallery

Group Summer Exhibition


Contact me for enquiries

Samantha Moller-Bowden
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